What to do if involved in an accident while cycling?

Cyclist Accident

Walking and bicycling are becoming increasingly popular modes of transportation in Louisiana, but unfortunately, the state is ranked among one of the most dangerous places for cyclists in the United States.

According to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, in 2021, there were 35 bicycle fatalities and 504 bicycle injuries in Louisiana. There were also 185 pedestrian fatalities and 1,146 pedestrian injuries in Louisiana.

Statistics show that the most common time in which bike accidents occur is during the hours 6pm and 9pm.

Louisiana provides cyclists with laws that they must follow, for their safety and for the safety of others.  For example: 

  • Cyclists must obey all traffic controls and signals, just as a driver of an automobile and a walking pedestrian. 
  • The bicycle must not carry more people than the number which the bicycle is designed to carry.  
  • All bicycles must have brakes that allow the cyclist to stop within twenty-five feet from a speed of ten miles per hour on dry, level, and clean pavement.
  • Bicyclists should wear reflective clothing
  • Never drive, walk or bike while impaired by alcohol or other drugs
  • Never drive, walk or bike while distracted.

When a cyclist is involved in an accident, the attorney must determine liability to see who was at fault. If the cyclist or pedestrian is obeying the rules, it will be more likely that the attorney ill be able to show that the other party is at fault for the accident. However, if these rules are not being followed, it can make things more complicated. When both parties are responsible for an accident, it is known as “comparative fault” and the liability will be spread to everyone who contributed to the accident in equal proportion to their proven fault. In these cases, it is especially important to have an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney on your side. 

Bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents can be very severe, as the rider is essentially unprotected and no match for the vehicle weighing thousands of pounds that hits them. If you have been involved in one of these collisions, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, the costs of repairing your bicycle and equipment, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, these cases can be complex and it is important to have an attorney on your side who is experienced with bicycle accident cases and/or pedestrian accident cases.

If you have been involved in a bicycle or pedestrian accident, you deserve compensation for your injuries and damages.  Contact us today to learn more about your rights and what you are entitled to receive as compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys, paralegals, and other staff members have the resources, skills and experienced needed to handle even the most complex pedestrian or bicycle accident case. 

We have experience with cycling cases and Founding Attorney Paul Scott is a cyclist!