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Stateside Waiver

A Three Stage Process:

The first stage in the Stateside Waiver process is filing an Immediate Relative Petition (Form I-130). As outlined here on our Family-Based Immigration page, you may petition the following relatives for immigration:

  • Husband or wife
  • Parents
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Married or unmarried children under the age of 21

The government filing fee for this petition is $535.

The second stage is the Waiver for Unlawful Presence (Form I-601A). This is certainly the hardest stageto get approved, making it imperative to have a Louisiana immigration lawyer to help you through this stage. In order for Immigration to approve a waiver we must show that your US citizen or permanent resident immediate family members (spouse, parent, or child) would suffer extreme hardship if you were no allowed to remain here legally, or if they had to move to your country. This will be done by submitting medical records, bills, tax returns, birth certificates, etc. As your attorney, I will provide you with a list of documents needed.

The government filing fee for this petition is $715.

The third and final stage is the Immigrant Visa Interview. Once the waiver is approved, you are almost there. The Immigrant Visa Interview requires that you go to the US consulate or embassy in your country for an interview. You will be required to bring a lot of documentation (background checks, medical exams, passport, etc.). Don’t worry, our firm will make sure you have everything you need before you go to your interview.

The government filing fee for the interview is $318.

The end result? You will receive your “greencard” and be a lawful permanent resident of the United States.

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