Defending Violent Crimes Charges We Provide Aggressive Defense and Honest Advocacy to Persons Accused of Violent Crimes.

Louisiana Violent Crime Attorney

Defense From a Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a violent crime in Louisiana, you should immediately consult with an experienced criminal attorney. At The Scott Law Firm, we provide aggressive defense and honest advocacy to persons accused of violent crimes. We understand that these types of charges can have a profound impact on the rest of your life. We have the experience, skill, and dedication you deserve to protect your rights and to advise you on your options.

We represent individuals in a diverse range of criminal matters, such as:

  • Murder (homicide)
  • Assault
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Battery
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Second Degree Battery
  • Sex Offenses
  • Rape
  • Domestic violence
  • Manslaughter

Our Baton Rouge violent crime attorney is dedicated to your case. We thoroughly investigate your matter and then begin developing the best possible defense strategy. This involves comprehensively reviewing and evaluating the evidence that the Government has obtained against you, interviewing witnesses, and questioning whether the police followed proper procedures every step along the way.

Police officers may try to convince you that it is in your best interest to speak with them about your alleged offense. Because everything you say to them can be used in your subsequent prosecution, it is almost never in your best interest to speak with the police before consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney. Do not be forced into making a confession or accepting blame.

Contact The Scott Law Firm today and schedule an appointment to discuss your case with an experienced Baton Rouge violent crimes defense lawyer.

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