Car Accidents in Electric Vehicles

Car Accidents in Electric Vehicles

With electric vehicles (EVs) becoming more common over the years, we cannot discount the fact that this advancing technology can still become involved in a car accident. Now, we consider that there are pros and cons as to the safety of an electric vehicle when in a collision.

Some pros of having an electric vehicle include:

  • Less chances of catching fire. An electric vehicle does not use any combustible fuel, so this alone lowers the risk of a fire, along with the electric motor not being subjected to heat or vibrations. The electric motor also lowers the risks of any explosions that may be caused by fuel leakage in a regular vehicle.
  • Regenerative braking features. This feature is a mechanism of energy recovery where the electric vehicle’s momentum is used by the electric motor to recover energy. This increases the electric vehicles stopping power, so it makes the vehicle safer to drive.
  • Recording video footage of accidents. One of the benefits of some electric vehicles when involved in an auto accident is that the built-in Dashcam could record and retain the footage of an accident or any unusual occurrence that may happen, such as if the vehicle had to brake by itself as an example. The vehicles, like a Tesla for example, will record 20 minutes of driving footage and rotate it in real time, but the recording can be moved into external storage to be used to prove who was at fault in the accident.
  • Crash Prevention and Autopilot. With proper human supervision, and as long as they are not abused, features such lane keep assist and emergency braking can be useful in helping to reduce crashes.

While some of the pros of EVs are wonderful, it is important to note there are cons to having an electric vehicle and being involved in an auto accident. Below are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Dangers to Pedestrians and Cyclists. While the roar of a truck might cause irritation to some, the loud sound of the vehicle does make those around aware of their presence. Electric vehicle can be extremely quiet when in operation, so it is less likely that a pedestrian or cyclist will hear the vehicle approach and that can cause an incident. In 2019, it was required that electric vehicles become equipped with a warning sound when traveling under 20 miles per hour, but it is still a risk that must be mentioned.
  • Exploding batteries. Many EVs are powered by lithium-ion batters, which have a reputation for spontaneous overheating and explosion. Since EVs use multiple batteries, this could result in a chain reaction.
  • First Responder Training. As with any new technology, police, paramedics, and fire fighters must be trained in how to interact with this new technology. Since EVs are new, many first responders have not yet received this training.

Despite the pros and cons, all vehicles out on the road must be aware and take all of the necessary precautions needed when on the road, but as technology continues to grow and improve, our vehicles are following suit. This is why it is best to be prepared and know the risks and the advantages of having an electric vehicle and what may occur when in an accident.

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