SUCCESS STORY - Extraordinary Ability (EB-1A)

Success Story - EB1 Visa

Thanks to our expertise, the Scott Law Firm successfully won an EB-1A approval in just 10 days without a request for additional evidence (RFE) for a Social Scientist specializing in the legal frameworks and the performance of biosocial projects involving vulnerable communities.

Home Country: Kenya

Country of Residency: United States of America

Approval Notice Date: April 6, 2023

Processing Time: 10 days

Case Summary:

Dr. N from Kenya came to our firm seeking help with his EB-1A Extraordinary Ability application. We were able to not only draft and file his petition, help him through the process, and answer his questions, but we also were able to get his application approved in only 10 days without a request for additional evidence!This was only possible because his application demonstrated his outstanding accomplishments and showcased his professional and academic documents. In particular, his specific petition included his leading roles, scholarly articles, peer reviews, and original contributions. The details of same are included below:

  • The Professor has held leading and critical roles in organizations with distinguished reputations in Kenya.
  • He has conducted extensive research and authored more than eighteen scholarly articles in professional journals. His research was utilized for the United National 17 Sustainable Development Goals and countless biosocial projects in Kenya.
  • He has served as a reviewer for journal articles and served as Board Member for many organizations.
  • He has made unparalleled original contributions to the social sciences field.
  • He has received his doctorate degree in Project Planning and Management.
  • His strong academic background combined with his unique professional experience have equipped him with a rare skill set that enables him to utilize his research and expertise in technological applications to spearhead biosocial projects which has resulted in advancing inclusivity, equity and education to vulnerable communities.
  • He is extremely well-known for his contributions and has been nominated and invited by multiple Presidents in many countries to spearhead initiatives that has advanced inclusivity, equity, and education to vulnerable communities.
  • His work has therefore been extremely significant, and his achievements are of the utmost importance due its direct benefit and impact on individuals in vulnerably communities.
  • His case was supported by five recommendation letters provided by nationally and internationally recognized professionals in the field.
  • He is more than capable of furthering his knowledge and influence in his field of expertise and continuing his work in the United States.

When we received the APPROVAL just 10 days, we were overjoyed, though not at all shocked due to his vast contributions. We are proud to represent clients like this and look forward to working with him in the future and seeing what he accomplishes.

Because we have the experience of filing successful EB-1A applications, we are able to devise the best strategy for each individual petition. If you believe you may qualify for an Extraordinary Ability petition (EB-1A) or if you would like to discuss your immigration options in general, contact The Scott Law Firm today!