Immigration Law Updates


How We Are Staying Up-to-Date on Avenues of Relief For Your Immigration Case 

Author: Diego Matus

Prosecutorial Discretion

Prosecutorial Discretion (PD) is the authority of government attorneys and ICE in regards to deciding the result of your immigration case. PD allows an Immigration Judge to decide what degree to enforce the law and which individual cases to prosecute.

High-Priority Immigration Violators

Frequently, PD is used by immigration trial attorney, representing DHS and ICE, to make a deliberate effort to prosecute high-priority immigration violators. Low-Priority Immigration Violators, for example, those who do not have any criminal history, will frequently have their deportation deferred or put on hold. The hold could last many years or indefinitely granted in the form of dismissal or administrative closure.

PD for my case?

So, what does this mean for my case? A PD request could effectively “buy” time for any undocumented person until other legal avenues are available for those persons. A PD Request could prevent an order of removal or deportation while “buying” time for other immigration benefits.

Policies and benefits are constantly changing within Immigration Law and can be hard to follow, which is why we are here to help you remain informed. Make sure to visit our page to keep up with all the new updates and upcoming changes regarding with respect to new immigration relief. As always, let our legal experts in the immigration department help you with any matters concerning legal status and more by texting us at 225.400.9976. We look forward to seeing you!