DACA Federal Judge Decision

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DACA Renewal Updates, What this Judge’s Decision means for you.

What if I already have DACA?

People who have DACA and are currently protected have no need to worry. This decision does not affect the valid and protected DREAMers, allowing them to continue working in the US and renew DACA in two years at a time.

My DACA application is pending

The decision is important to note for those who have DACA pending. Following the judge’s decision, those waiting for a decision for their DACA applications will be forced to wait a pending outcome of appeals.

What does this mean?

Currently, the federal judge has made it that the USCIS is prohibited from approving applications. The judge’s decision goes against several of the Biden Administration’s intentions which means that the decision will be appealed. The decision will go to a higher court in which a decision will be made; however, those with pending DACA applications at this time will not see a decision on their case for the near future.

Can I still apply for DACA at this time?

The decision by the federal judge also means that USCIS will not accept any new applications for DACA. As of right now, the USCIS has stopped reviewing pending applications meaning it will not accept applications at this time. The USCIS is expected to make a statement regarding the decision though nothing has been said so far.

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