How Does Employment-Based Immigration Work?

How Does Employment-Based Immigration Work?

One of the bases for immigration in the United States can be a person’s employment or future employment.

Employers in Louisiana who are unable to fill positions with the local workforce can sponsor foreign workers for temporary visas, and even for Green Cards, through various employment-based preference categories.

Foreign workers can actively engage with employers who are willing to support their Green Card applications and work closely with immigration attorneys to navigate the employer sponsorship process effectively.

Although there is a vast amount of information available online, it is important to work with an experienced immigration attorney when navigating the specific pathways available for employment-based immigration in Louisiana. These professionals can guide foreign workers and their employers through the intricacies of the immigration process, and being represented by an immigration attorney has been statistically shown to reduce the chances for delays or denial of your application or petition.

Our experienced employment immigration attorneys in Louisiana can assist you through every step of the process, from determining which visa is best for your unique situation, to the preparation of necessary forms and supporting documentation, to effectively communicating with government agencies on behalf of their clients during the pendency of the application or petition.

If you are interested in learning more about filling a position with your company by sponsoring a foreign worker, or if you are a foreign national who wants to live and work in the United States, contact us today!