Premium Processing for National Interest Waiver Green Cards

NIW Premium Processing

As of September15, 2022, premium processing service is now available for National Interest Waiver Green Cards with receipt dates on or before February 1, 2022. (Your receipt date can be found on Form I-797C).

Premium processing provides expedited processing for a fee.

According to USCIS, “Specifically, we guarantee that we will take some adjudicative action on the case within 15 calendar days for most classifications or 45 calendar days for Form I-140 E13 multinational executive and manager and Form I-140 E21 national interest waiver classifications or we will refund the premium processing fee and will continue with expedited processing.”

USCIS previously made a promise to expand its premium processing option to additional case types, especially employment-based visas, and this exciting expansion of the premium processing option to EB-2 NIW visas is a result of that initiative.

In order to qualify for a National Interest Waiver, the foreign national must qualify for an EB-2 visa based on either the advanced degree or exceptional ability categories. They must also meet all three criteria under the Dhanasar standard.

If you have already filed a petition for an NIW Green Card and you would like to request premium processing or have received a Request for Evidence (RFE), contact the experienced employment-based immigration attorneys at The Scott Law Firm today!

**As of September 1, 2022, EB-1 Multinational Executive and Manager I-140 petitions received on or before January 1, 2022 are also available.

If you are interested in working in the US or in applying for premium processing, or if you would like to apply or see if you qualify for a national interest waiver, contact The Scott Law Firm’s immigration attorneys today!