What Season Do Most Car Accidents Occur?

car accident


Did you know that vehicle collisions are more common during the summer months than winter months?

According to the Louisiana Department of Insurance, the number of fatal crashes in Louisiana is higher than the national average. The national average is 11.59 fatalities per 100,000 people, but Louisiana recorded 16.17 fatalities per 100,000 people.

Although an accident can happen at any time, the summer months present new factors that influence the number of collisions that happen on the road. Some of the factors that lead to more collisions are as follows:

  1. Families on the Road

Summer breaks are meant for vacations! This means that there are not only more drivers on the road, but these drivers are unfamiliar with their surroundings. Something else that happens with families on the road, is that they often have children with them. As much as we love our kids, they are very distracting while driving.

  1. More Teen Drivers

School is out! Unfortunately, that means that there are more teenage drivers on the road. Teenage drivers are not experienced enough to have gained the defensive driving skills necessary. Additionally, teenagers typically travel with friends – which leads to them being further distracted.

  1. Inclement Weather

The summer months bring much needed warmer weather, but with this warm weather comes dangerous driving conditions. Summer storms are usually short-lived but can be intense and increase the chances of a collision. Rain brings wet roads, debris, low visibility, and more. Driving during inclement weather increases the likelihood of a collision.

  1. Road Construction

During the summer months, there is far more road construction than during the colder months. This construction leads to closures, new traffic patterns, temporary signage, and more. Although construction zones are typically marked as so, many drivers do not exercise the reasonable care required while driving through construction zones.

  1. Motorists of All Kinds Using the Roads

Lastly, the warm summer months make us want to enjoy the weather. Enjoying this weather comes in many forms, including pedestrians, those riding motorcycles and bikes, and more. In 2021, LSU’s Center for Analytics and Research in Transport Safety reported that 1,649 people were injured or killed while riding their motorcycle.

Although this list is not exhaustive, we hope that it may provide some factors to consider while driving this summer. While we all think we are the perfect driver, it is always helpful to remain aware and reactive to any potential safety concerns.

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