Working in the United States

Working in the United States

If you have always dreamed about living and working in the United States, the employment-based immigration attorneys at The Scott Law Firm may be able to help you!

Depending on the classification you seek, your application will most likely require a U.S. employer or other qualified requestor to file an application or petition on your behalf to establish your eligibility before we approve your application.

However, if you apply based on certain classifications (for example, a national interest waiver), you may be eligible to self-petition, which means filing an application on your own behalf.

The conditions you must meet and how long you can work in the United States will depend on the type of immigration status the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grants. You must comply with all conditions of your employment authorization and the terms of your admission to this country. If you violate any of the conditions, you could be removed from or denied re-entry into the United States.

There are several categories available to those who want to live and work in the United States, including:

  • Temporary (Nonimmigrant) Workers
  • Permanent (Immigrant) Workers
  • Student and Exchange Visitors
  • Temporary Visitors for Business
  • International Entrepreneur Parole

Each of these categories has several sub-categories and each visa has its own benefits and drawbacks. You may qualify for more than one type of visa, but one may be better for you than the other.

The Scott Law Firm’s immigration attorneys will not only help to guide you through the process so that you can present the best case possible, but they will also help you to determine which visa is right for you.

You must have employment authorization to work in the United States. If you are unsure if you have employment authorization, or if you are currently in the United States and believe you qualify for employment authorization, we can help with that as well.

The immigration process can be a long, expensive, and stressful process. Contact us today to get started off the right way!