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Petition for Review

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A Petition for Review is the way to challange a final order of removal by the Board of Immigration Appeals. A Petition for Review must be filed in the federal appeals court where district where the removal order comes out of. Sometimes a Petition for Review is the last chance for a non-citizen who is trying to stay in the United States.

The Scott Law Firm has experience filing and representing non-citizens who need a petition for review filed. In fact, The Scott Law Firm's New Orleans office is just a short walk away from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which is the proper court to file a Petition for Review for any removal order what came out of Louisiana, Mississippi, or Texas.

One of our experienced Immigration Lawyers would love to talk to you about how we can help you in your situation.

If you are a loved one needs an experienced and aggressive lawyer to file a Petition for Review, please contact us now.

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