Why Hire Us?

The Louisiana immigration lawyers at the Scott Law Firm, LLC dedicate their practice to defending the rights of its clients. Everyone has been given rights that cannot or should not be taken away. There comes times in a person's life when those rights are being threatened. It may be because the government is accusing and charging a person with a crime, the government is trying to remove a person from this country, or a person has been injured because of some other person's fault and needs to be compensated for injuries and other damages as a result of that.

At The Scott Law Firm, LLC our clients come first. Every client is treated with respect and is guaranteed competent and effective representation. Our firm was founded to help people and businesses throughout the world when they have legal issues that need to be resolved. The Scott Law Firm, LLC practices in a variety of areas of law, but concentrates in immigration law, criminal defense, civil litigation, and international law. We have experience litigating cases in the trial court level, administrative and judicial appeals courts, and the Louisiana Supreme Court.

The Scott Law Firm, LLC uses cutting edge technology to provide our clients with every advantage available in order to achieve the best results possible. By using the latest technology available The Scott Law Firm is able to move faster and more efficiently than the competitors, all while keeping costs lower for its clients.

If you are in need of representation by a competent and aggressive Baton Rouge criminal defense attorney, immigration or personal injury lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact us at The Scott Law Firm, LLC