Claudia Espinal


Claudia Espinal joined the team in December of 2014. Although, she was born in Massachusetts, her parents are from Honduras, C.A. and Colombia, S.A. She moved to Baton Rouge, LA at a young age so that her father could finish bible college and for her mother to finish nursing school at Baton Rouge General Hospital. At a young age, Claudia began traveling with her father on many mission trips to Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras. While on these trips, she realized the need to be able to help other Hispanics gain legal status in the United States to make a better life for their families.

Claudia graduated with an Associates of Science in Paralegal Studies in September of 2015. She is now studying to become a Certified Paralegal and Notary in the State of Louisiana. Her goals consist of providing a comfortable life for her son and helping out the Spanish community.