Petition for Review

Immigration Help in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A Petition for Review is the way to challange a final order of removal by the Board of Immigration Appeals. A Petition for Review must be filed in the federal appeals court where district where the removal order comes out of. Sometimes a Petition for Review is the last chance for a non-citizen who is trying to stay in the United States.

The Scott Law Firm has experience filing and representing non-citizens who need a petition for review filed. In fact, The Scott Law Firm's New Orleans office is just a short walk away from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which is the proper court to file a Petition for Review for any removal order what came out of Louisiana, Mississippi, or Texas.

If you are a loved one needs an experienced and aggressive lawyer to file a Petition for Review, please contact us now. One of our experienced Immigration Lawyers would love to talk to you about how we can help you in your situation.